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Welcome To www.HappyRon.Com

Hello, welcome to www.Happyron.com, home of The Good Hearted People

I am a Keynote Speaker and Musician and also create Custom Wedding Songs . To keep updated and get exclusive songs (with a chance to win prizes)  Join My Mailing List to get the “Happy Times Newsletter” which has updates on my music and articles on living The Happy Life.  Or contact me on my personal Facebook Page. And get all the latest HappyRon news below:

Happy’s Music Used In Internet Advertisement

so RAD! My music was used in an internet ad for a wine company. It was the instrumental version of Pretty On The Inside. I submitted it to a music library Pump Audio years ago and out of nowhere I get a check. The add company Story Worldwide used it in ad for Toasted Head Wine. They did a series about creative artists and this one focused on an company called Leroy’s Place. Thanks to my producer Sven-Erik Seaholm, The Smart Brothers and Michael Philip Reed for playing on the track. The best part is the title of the ad! 😉

National PSA On How Music Is For Everyone

I was honored to appear briefly alongside some of my fellow local musicians in this national PSA about how music is for everyone. I get goosebumps just watching it, as I couldn’t have picked a message that more accurately reflects what I’ve tried to say in my music.