Original Music.  Original Lyrics.  Your Original Story.
What if you could completely surprise someone you love with a truly magical and timeless gift that is made just for them?
For so many of us, it is difficult to transcend our limitations and truly express the dimension and depth for our love for someone.  Fortunately, Happy Ron can do that.  Having written songs for the love of his life and about every aspect of life he knows how to get to the core of what your relationships mean to you and your love.
Have a business, charity or dream?  HappyRon can help you with that too!  Having brought so many of his dreams to reality through music, he is excited about making your dreams come true through music as well.  So many of us have difficulty communicating what we really want people to know, but Happy Ron songs communicate and never get out of people’s heads and hearts.
Here’s how it works.
1) Happy Ron will personally consult with you to determine the unique content, feel, and essence of your song.  Think of this as a fun and casual interview where he gets to know more about you, your loved one, and your personal story.  This is like a secret undercover mission between you and Happy Ron.
We can discuss during your interview everything Happy Ron needs to write your song, but it may be helpful to start thinking about
a) what message do you want to convey
b) what stories or memories do you have that convey that message.
HappyRon has written many songs, but his favorite and most popular “custom song” was written for the love his life, and he reveals his heart about finding love at an older age. Whether or not you decide to work with HappyRon he offers a bit of his and his partner’s love to you, as you begin your journey of love together:

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