HappyRon’s music has been described as “Mr. Rogers Meets South Park.”

At the age of 48 he finally healed a lifelong disability that prevented him from fully pursuing music and is excited to finally bring his music to the world.  

He was born without a left hip socket which brought tension and pain throughout his body.  After having surgery he found that was able to create music much easier and has become obsessed with teaching people that anyone can make music.

He is most well known for fun sing-along songs like “Terribly Happy” and “If You’re Bored In San Diego (IT’S YOUR FAULT) as well as songs in many other styles.  

He has been described as a cross between “punk rock and punk folk.”  His music is influenced by, among others, Ringo Starr, Mr. Rogers, South Park,  and Leonard Cohen.  

He is now an inspirational speaker with music sharing the value of positive thought and action to businesses and schools.

Photo By Josiah Price, free for media use

“Dare we say HappyRon is making San Diego hipper?” – The San Diego Reader

“HappyRon lives and breathes music.  His dedication is an inspiration”  – The San Diego Union Tribune

“Every guy in the English Speaking world needs a copy of HappyRon’s Terribly Happy if only to sing along with his own life” The Expresso Magazine https://www.theespresso.com/ 

“Masterpiece… anyone who listens will be amazed at the depth of Happy Ron Hill’s songwriting.” The San Diego Troubadour  http://www.sandiegotroubadour.com  November 2008“

Great stuff, great attitude and lyrics as well as cool songs.  Not to mention brilliant titles” Dominic Pedler, author of the 800 page book Songwriting Secrets Of The Beatles

Gregory Page says “ I didn’t like it, I LOVED IT!!!” 


 The Happy Man has lived in San Diego all his life and his hope is to die in San Diego.  He never sang a note until he was thirty and didn’t get “seriously” into music until he was forty.  He was played more than 2700 shows since then bringing to the stage his unique combination of fun sing-along songs with heartfelt softer songs.           

 To celebrate his 44rth birthday he released his first real album, backed by no less than twenty-two people, including some of the best musicians and singers in San Diego.  Also featured is Paul Litteral on Trumpet, who played on the B-52s “Love Shack” and James Brown’s “Living In America.  The album Produced by local music guru Sven-Erik Seaholm.  The critically acclaimed album was nominated for a San Diego Music Award and was described by The San Diego Troubadour as “Masterpiece… anyone who listens will be amazed at the depth of Happy Ron Hill’s songwriting.”       

HappyRon was born without a socket in his left hip and that contributed to music being very difficult for him.  After having surgery his life and his music changed.  He is now in what he calls “HappyRon finally unleashed” mode and is finally able to create his music in full force.       

HappyRon has played with a thousand musicians, his current band is The Good Hearted People, featuring Stand Up Bass Player Paul Tillery and Andy Gallagher from Trains Across The Sea on keys.