ARTICLE: How To Make An Album


My plan for making a CD:

1) find every opportunity to play with every possible combination of instruments/singers to see what works with each song. (Time for me to do so: ten years).

2) Find a producer that likes yer stuff.

3) Find the ABSOLUTE best guitarist, bassist, and drummer that you know and ask them if they want to be on your album (not necessarily to play with you all the time live, a much bigger commitment) and if they have two days to rehearse and two days to record the basic tracks. Really good players can learn songs quickly.
IF they can’t commit to a full album ask them to do half (I have basically one drummer for album all of it and then two sets of guitarists and bassists).

4) Rehearse with them and record them all at once (for a live sound) with you providing scratch vocals.

4) Two or three days for recording good vocals

5) Have all the other instruments come in and overdub.

6) Let your producer do the hard job of mixing everything while you start writing new songs.

7) Ask the people you trust what they think of the nearly completed project.


10) Realize that releasing an album is only the beginning of your work, promote promote promote!