Autistic Spectrum Music/Video/Interview

Recently I’ve decided to “come out” about my experience on The Autistic Spectrum and have been amazed by the response. There have been articles in The Art Of Autism and other press attention. I decided to release one of my “Inspirational Quotes With Music” videos and it’s fast becoming one of my most popular videos ever.

After the first thirty years of my life not really being aware of my situation, I started to take every opportunity to develop my delayed social skills, including most importantly my life in the music scene (to whom I am eternally grateful). At this point, many people think of me as one of the most outgoing people that they know, but internally I still have all characteristic of being on the spectrum

Those of us on the Autistic Spectrum want to make friends as much, or more, than other people, but it can be challenging because we are coming from a different place.  Thank you for trying to meet us there.  

This video and song are about learning to love ourselves as we are, even as we continue to develop what parts of ourselves we can to make our lives richer. It is about my journey with Autism and the journey of my bass player, Mr. Paul Tillery, and his family and features “Thank You For Being My Friend” about being Autistic and learning to make friends.