With a charismatic stage presence, acoustic guitar, amazing stand-up bass player, true-life stories, a memorable singing voice, and original sing-along songs that inspire to the core, Happy Ron is a Motivational Keynote Speaker who creates an experience so unique and dynamic that his audiences are ignited to take action every time! This is more than your everyday keynote. This is a “Keynote Concert,” where Happy Ron’s powerful speech COMBINED with his live concert create a memorable experience that will stand out as the highlight of your event!  The songs are so asses-able and compelling that people remember them and their message throughout the year.

      Not only is Happy Ron considered to be one of San Diego’s finest songwriters, but he has performed over 2,500 times over the last twenty years and now leads his training company, Happier Speaker Productions.

What Are Happy Ron’s Keynote Concerts Like?
     Picture the audience at the edge of their seats as Happy Ron moves deeper into his heart-wrenching story about how pain from a lifelong disability left him traumatized and unable to move forward in life.  And how he transcended this and moved forward with purpose, innovation, commitment, and tenacity that led him to reach his biggest dreams! Then…
     Happy Ron breaks out his acoustic guitar and sings his original song “Terribly Happy ” that sends a ripple of chills over the crowd as they sing along and become instantly inspired to overcome any adversity in their life!  They won’t EVER get the song out of their spirit.  SERIOUSLY, listen to the song and ask yourself “will I ever forget it.. and will the employees of my company?”

The Lesson?

     Never quit, just find a different way. When you come from courage and create a new path, opportunities show up in ways that you never had the vision to see before. Your path will be illuminated the moment you make the decision you’ve been avoiding. What have you been avoiding, how can you face it head on, and what action will you take today that could change your life forever?

     Happy Ron shares his newest song “There Are More Of Us Than There Are Of Them” about the fear we all face when seeing the horrors we see on TV.  And how that is instantly transformed when we turn to each other and remember that the Good Hearted People in the world than bad as a wave of emotion and inspiration fills the audience, guiding everyone to unleash their desire to support each other and be strong in the face of life’s challenges.

The Take-Away?
Opportunities to touch peoples’ lives are all around us. Imagine what would happen if people opened their eyes to this in the workplace every day and how this would impact customer service, teamwork, leadership, performance, and company culture. The ripple effect of this transcends the customer experience, which makes all the difference in loyalty, retention, referrals, happiness, and success.
And For The Peak Moment…

     HappyRon reveals his biggest fears from the past, exactly HOW he’s overcome them, and how YOU can conquer your fears when you follow his “Steps To Happiness” formula.

 The Shift?

     Fear is the only thing in the world that gets smaller as you run toward it. When you know HOW to control and dissolve your fears using Happy Ron’s formula, you will permanently end all self-sabotage that shows up in your life in the form of procrastination, indecision, lack of motivation, money struggles, and poor performance.

Going Out On Fire…

     The crowd jumps up, sings along, and dances to HappyRon’s final song where he gets the audience involved to the point of no return! Everyone is up on their feet, and the event has just been transformed. What next? A room full of employees ready to own their success!!

The Adversity Advantage:

     Adversity causes people to break, others to breakthrough. Discover the 5 hidden distinctions and how positive risks lead to positive shifts in performance and profit. Outcomes: Increased performance, results, profit.


     To be a songwriter Happy Ron knows you must have empathy for different types of people and to be a bandleader you must know how to recognize the hidden talents of your band, even if they don’t fit the traditional stereotypes.  Discover how to take the meekest employees and turn them into motived go-getters by acknowledging their differences and strengths.

Outcomes:Customer experience, reviews, retention. Increased self-motivation, productivity, performance.

The Keys To Happiness Formula:
Procrastination, indecision, and apathy dress up as fear. Learn the 3 steps to overcoming fear, doubt, and insecurity so that confidence becomes your natural state and success become habit. Outcomes: Increased self-motivation, productivity, performance.

 #1 Hit Songwriter Steve Poltz (“You Were Meant For Me” sung by Jewel) says “I love it. He’s my hero, the energy of punk rock and punk folk.”
      David Lindemuth, CEO eLever Media says “I’ve known Ron for 20+ years and he has been a personal inspiration. In that time I’ve watched him face adversity with a positive attitude, and rise against obstacles and great odds. He’s a self-made musician and motivator. He knows how to choose high-performance goals and pursue them to success. He has taken his philosophy of happiness and turned it into an approach to success that reaches out to influence people. If you’re looking for a way to produce positive results for yourself or improve your performance team, Ron has something to offer that will help you get that. -“
        The San Diego Union Says “Happy Ron lives and breathes music, his dedication is an inspiration.”
       San Diego’s Finest Songwriter Gregory Page says “ I didn’t like it, I LOVED IT!!!”