by HappyRon 

Image a table with three groups of food 

1) pure vegetables with nothing added 

2) pure meat not wrapped in bread or packed with filling 

3) bread, candy, alcohol and other high carbs foods 

If you were sitting at that table and you were to start eating you would probably eat the meat and/or veggies and then stop after you had a limited amount. 

If you are like most people and you started eating the high carbs food you very well might keep eating well past the point you are “hungry”.   This is the difference between hunger and carb addiction, which most of us have in this society. 

People debate whether or not meat is good for you, or how much carbs you should eat, etc.  But for me, especially after losing 50 pounds,  the obvious problem that so many of us struggle with is way overeating on high carb food, and that is what kills people, especially as we get older.  I’ve yet to know anyone my age, 55, or older that is overweight and hasn’t developed some form of health problem because of it, including death. 

You could add a fourth table to distinguish between natural health foods with plenty of carbs and unhealthy, unnatural foods that are extremely carb-dense, SUPERCARBS.  For example, quinoa, beans, and lentils are high in carbs but they have a low glycemic index.  That means eating them does not cause a blood sugar ‘spike’ and that seems to be the precipitating event that causes inflammation and leads to addiction.

Thanks to my mentor in food, Dr. Gregory Berkoff, for input into this article.