Happy’s Music Used In Internet Advertisement

so RAD! My music was used in an internet ad for a wine company. It was the instrumental version of Pretty On The Inside. I submitted it to a music library Pump Audio years ago and out of nowhere I get a check. The add company Story Worldwide used it in ad for Toasted Head Wine. They did a series about creative artists and this one focused on an company called Leroy’s Place. Thanks to my producer Sven-Erik Seaholm, The Smart Brothers and Michael Philip Reed for playing on the track. The best part is the title of the ad! 😉

National PSA On How Music Is For Everyone

I was honored to appear briefly alongside some of my fellow local musicians in this national PSA about how music is for everyone. I get goosebumps just watching it, as I couldn’t have picked a message that more accurately reflects what I’ve tried to say in my music.

NEW VIDEO: Ordinary

Went to songwriting retreat for my birthday, rather then tell you about it in words, I’ll give you this song I wrote. recorded with Freebo.
. Pictures by Cheryl Brown and Costa