I mainly play keynote concerts and corporate events, but I also will occasionally show up at music events, either to try out new material, or to support my students in their brave attempts to play on stage for the first time.  If you are in town and would like to see me, hit me up on facebook you never know where I will be popping up!
SHOW EVERY FOURTH SATURDAY: At The Spacebar 630: 7454 University Avenue, La Mesa CA
MONDAYS – I play here frequently to try out new material and since it’s down the block from my jam sessions.   Signup is at 6:30, and the show 7pm till 11pm, unfortunately I don’t know what time I’m on due to how they do the signups. 3343 Adams Avenue.

: The Spacebar in La Mesa.  I’m most frequently here now with my students helping them play onstage for the first time!