The Beatle’s Love – The Best Vegas Show

4 Happy Faces (Out of 4 possible)

For more than thirty years I have thought that The Beatles were the greatest band ever, and, as someone who has seen most Vegas shows, I have thought that the Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas were the best Vegas shows. So do I think the new Beatles Cirque du Soleil show “Love” is the best show in Vegas. The answer, yup!
This is an “official” Beatles show in that George Harrison (who was friends with the founder of Cirque) approved it before he died (along with Paul and Ringo) and George Martin, the Beatles producer (and really the “fifth Beatle”) remixed the music for the show. With George Harrison dead and George Martin practically deaf it’s the last time a majority of The Beatles will have approved a project. The Beatles have rarely approved anything together since their breakup. It’s worthy.
It was said in the sixties that The Beatles music would fire the imagination and create pictures in the head. This show is like one of those imagination trips put on stage. Of the many Beatles inspired projects this is surely the best. Visually the show was stunning with all sorts of tricks done that I haven’t seen in other shows that I don’t want to give away. The costumes are an interesting mix of Cirque and the Yellow Submarine movie.
The music was incredible, surely the best presentation of pre-recorded music I have ever heard and the best The Beatles have ever sounded. George Martin remixed the original masters into multi-channel sound, and there are speakers in your seats. At times songs are blended together so that two are going on at the same time.
This show loosely follows The Beatles story which gives it more coherence then other Cirque shows which have very loose or no real story behind them. It starts off with bleak scenes of wartime London, the period in which The Beatles were born.
After loving The Beatles for 25 years the last 5 years I have drifted away from them, simply because I have heard the songs so many times. After this show I’m listening to them again every day and already am stealing their ideas again for my songs.
If you have only $65 in your entertainment budget for Vegas, see this show and nothing else. If you go it’s probably best not to get the most expensive seats as I’ve heard you have to look up too much. I had the mid-ranged seat (at $100) and they were fine.