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Hello, welcome to www.Happyron.com, home of The Good Hearted People

HappyRon’s music has been described as “Mr. Rogers Meets South Park”

At the age of 48 he finally healed a lifelong disability that prevented him from fully pursuing music and is excited to finally bring his music to the world.
He was born without a left hip socket which brought tension and pain throughout his body. After having surgery he found that was able to create music much easier and has become obsessed with teaching people that anyone can make music.
He is most well known for fun sing along songs like “Terribly Happy” and “If You’re Bored In San Diego (IT’S YOUR FAULT) as well as songs in many other styles. He has been described as a cross between “punk rock and punk folk”.
His music is influenced by, among others, Ringo Starr, Mr. Rogers, South Park, and Leonard Cohen.
He is now an inspirational speaker with music sharing the value of positive thought and action to businesses and schools.

To hear his music click check out his  YOUTUBE PAGE or SOUNDCLOUD

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